Under her gaze he felt hollowed out, impotent: bones empty of flesh. Even his words lost their familiar bite. Hip to hip with her new lover, bit by bit, she dissected him completely.

This post was written in response to the Trifecta Writing Challenge  weekend prompt: a 33 word response to this picture.

12 responses to “Bones

  1. I like this as it leaves many unanswerable questions.


  2. Excellent. Great word choice, great implied meanings. The punning on bite and bit. The use of bony “hip.” There are so many layers here. So few words. Impressed agin.


  3. I like the word play so much. The power of her over him is so rich.


  4. Oooh the symbolism. ideal.


  5. Amazing on so many levels!


  6. OK. This is amazing. Love. It!


  7. Oh, who hasn’t felt like this? Wonderful imagery, that overlays perfectly with the photo.


  8. This is going to be a dysfunctional relationship for sure. ;o)


  9. Thanks for linking up to the Trifextra challenge. This is a beautiful response; you’ve somehow managed to pack so much in such a tiny space. I love the word play, love the symbolism. I’ve felt this way, and I believe I’ve made others feel this way. You managed to pin this awkward feeling down in such gorgeous words.


  10. I agree with your comment on the Trifecta site that the 33-word limit forces one to be disciplined. Economy was never my strong suit, but this prompt helped me to grow as well. My first time here at your blog, and I love your writing, especially her dissection, and the “hip to hip” image. See you at the Tri! Peace, Amy


  11. Great job drawing focus from the bones to the bone holders.


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