Bell tower


Bell towerThere are times when everything is perfectly clear, and other times when everything is dark.

In the between times I hide up in the belfry, among the dust and carcasses of minutes gone by. Every hour a cacophony of bells shakes another layer of time down from the rafters.

I like to watch the people in the churchyard below, wafting through the garden like soap bubbles, glittering and ephemeral.

In the bell tower, the seconds twitch on the floor, disorderly as insects scrabbling for shelter. I crush them, one by one, under my shoe, until they too are dust.

This post was written in response to the Trifecta Writing Challenge  weekend prompt:

Write a response that is between 33 and 333 words long and uses the following words in this exact order: cacophony, soap, insects.

19 thoughts on “Belfry

  1. Christine's Mom says:

    I’m kind of embarassed to admit that the only things in my belfry these days are boring ol’ bats! 😦
    [or is that just ONE boring ol’ bat? ;)]



  2. Kim@Amommaly says:

    This is the first time I didn’t link up since discovering Trifecta a few weeks ago….Seeing this 1st place of yours brought a smile to my face, *whispering: you are one of my favorites to read each week*…
    Much deserved, beautiful piece, touching imagery,
    Congrats 🙂


    • chrstnj says:

      Thank you – considering your own poetical talents, I am flattered that you liked this. I also thought of Quasimodo, though that wasn’t the intent at first. Originally, I was thinking of a figurative belfry, but it developed a little differently.


  3. k~ says:

    This was a captivating write. Poetic, mystic, and memorable are the words that come to mind after having read it several times. I really, really like this one!


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