When I Was Sixteen

Dear Mom,

I’m sorry about the dent in the Camaro. To be fair, I did warn you to
move it – you know I can’t back up for shit. Just one thing: please
don’t tell Dad!

This post was written in response to the Trifecta Writing Challenge  weekend prompt:

Write a letter of apology in exactly 33 words. Addresses, salutations, closings, etc. (should you wish to include them) do not count in the 33 words.

I would claim that this story was based on truth, but I’d be lying. This is actually, absolutely, 100% true. And I’m posting it because I know my mom reads this blog…

12 thoughts on “When I Was Sixteen

  1. El Guapo says:

    Sort of done that. Drove the old dart up and down the driveway. And smacked into the house.
    Funny thing, it was a 1969 Dart. Small scratch on the paint. But I knocked a brick out of the house.
    Tough car!


    • Christine says:

      I warned her and warned her. I figure she had it coming. 🙂 Felt bad for the Camaro, though I think Mom was more upset at having to pay $70 to replace the taillight in my Honda Prelude.


  2. Christine's Mom says:

    PS I’ll give you extra crtedit for being able to spell better than me, hahahaha…CamAro, Camaro. OK?
    (whoops, that wasn’t supposed to be a crabby face after my name!!! 😮 )


  3. Christine's Mom says:

    OMG, too, TOO funny! I suppose now that you’ve confessed AND apologized in front of the whole wide world – billions and BILLIONS of people! – it might be time for me to stop the subtle insinuations and prickles that have prolonged the agony and finally assuage your guilt.

    Nah. :p
    (It was my Z-28 T-top CAMERO, for cryin’ out loud!)

    The range of expressions in your eyes is certainly memorable, but the raw honesty in your tone was priceless: “I TOLD you I can’t back up!” Ahhh, a maternal milestone, when a mother learns to unconditionally trust her daughter’s word. ~snicker~

    …and I think Dad had a clue, to the tune of $135.00 for a freakin’ Honda tailight! I think that was more of a trauma to him than the (*&%@$*) dent in my – gulp – CAMERO. 😉

    I know you STILL can’t back up for shit, which is why I’m delighted you found your niche: Portland, where riding a BICYCLE in the rain everywhere isn’t weird or insane.

    …but I still loves ya, girl!
    Mom 😡

    (darn, I miss that car…dent and all!)


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