OceanShe is no longer an enigma to me. I have traveled her mother-of-pearl skin. I have swum in her inscrutable sea. A grief, and a pleasure, to drown in those depths.

This post was written in response to the Trifecta Writing Challenge  weekend prompt:

Write anything you want, in whichever form you please, so long as your response is exactly 33 words and includes the word “mother.” 

It occurred to me, after reading all of the lovely poems and tributes other people have written at Trifecta, that I should probably clarify right off the bat that this has nothing to do with my actual mother.

Because I missed the regular Trifecta prompt, I decided to incorporate this week’s word in my Trifextra response.

enig·ma noun \i-ˈnig-mə, e-\

1: an obscure speech or writing
2: something hard to understand or explain
3: an inscrutable or mysterious person

22 thoughts on “Fathoms

    • Christine says:

      You know, aft I submitted it, I realized that it just might be the sexiest thing I’ve ever written. Or posted, at least. (That’s why I felt compelled to point out that it has nothing to do with my mother!)


    • Christine says:

      That’s exactly what I wanted to do – step outside the box a little. I knew that there would be many, many loving (and perhaps not-so-loving) tributes to moms this weekend.


  1. Christine's Mom says:

    Your actual mother would be totally impressed to have these (complex) thoughts and words written about her. 😉

    Happy Birthday AND Happy Mother’s Day. You’re an amazing individual, Christine. You’ve done me proud!

    from one enigma to another,


  2. karen says:

    I love the gentleness of this little piece. I hate missing prompts but these days, playing mother most of the time means my time is really not my own. I would think about incorporating the missed words into next pieces, but then smoke might come out of my ears and that could be catastrophic. Well played on both parts.


  3. OldDogNewTits says:

    Awesome. I noticed right off that you used both prompts. I missed last week, too. I probably should’ve worked it in as well but I was too busy shoehorning mother into mine seven times. 🙂


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