The One RingJealousy was mine, and avarice, and hate.  Covetous and coveted, I brought together in friendship those I sought to destroy, forging bonds I was created to sunder. Now, coveted still, I am unmade.

This post was written in response to the Trifecta Writing Challenge  weekend prompt:

Retell your favorite book.  In 33 words. 

The hard part for me was picking a favorite book. This is just one of my favorites, and many would argue that it is actually three books, or even more. But I own them in one volume, so I’m considering this one book. Alternatively, my response works for just the third of the trilogy.

19 responses to “Unmade

  1. Oh, I like this. I actually have the trilogy on audiobook, with a wonderful narrator who sings all the songs. It’s epic, in the classic sense of the word.


    • Sweeeet! I adore audiobooks. I am not sure why I don’t have this one (unless it’s not available on audible.com, which would explain it). Who is the narrator? The narrator for A Song for Arbonne (Guy Gavriel Kay) sings all the songs in that one, and has a lovely voice.


  2. One of my definitely all-time favorite books, too. And, like you — yes, I count it as one book, even though I have all three in separate volumes, along with the inimitable prequel — and, one ginormous single volume, too.
    I’ve read it twice, and the last time through, followed along with a book of detailed maps. It is truly an unparalleled adventure!
    Great work with your 33 words.


    • I have lost count of how many times I have read and re-read these books. I own them in a couple of editions – some lovely hardbacks, and some dog-eared paperbacks, with and without maps. What I love is that it inspired an entire genre, and many of the works that follow have surpassed even this most venerable and seminal work. Amazing stuff.


  3. Christine, your appreciation of TLOTR shines out of your 33 words, beautifully written, too. I much prefer your approach to mine!


  4. Great job writing your 33 words in first person. I don’t think many (if any) people did that! I like it!



  5. ** I am unmade.**

    A simple line, but powerful…


  6. Oh good choice!! And inspired retelling.


  7. Like you, my difficulty would have been in choosing which book to rewrite. Choosing an epic was bold. Choosing your voice was brilliant.


  8. This is brilliant! Superb ‘retelling’ of LOTR from a powerful perspective.


  9. For me this is a winner entry.


  10. Nice retelling! I haven’t read these books, but your entry intrigues me.


  11. you hit the nail with the hammer.
    i love your use of language!


  12. Wow! I love it, the perfect summation of Lord of the Rings – and to focus on the Ring as the primary character had never occurred to me. I had no idea how to write one of these retellings…but now I do.


  13. I absolutely loved that you told the story from the pov of the ring. Perfect. Thanks for linking up. Be sure to come back tomorrow for the special 33rd challenge. It’s going to be fun!


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