Fighting Fire

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Bombs fell on our city for so many years: the relentless battery of the revolution. My father stopped it with his killing rain.

Was it truly so terrible, to end such a war?

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This post is in response to the Trifecta Writing Challenge weekend Trifextra challenge:

The Decemberist Revolt took place during the month of December in 19th century Russia when 3,000 soldiers protested Nicholas I’s assumption of the throne on the first day of his reign. He quickly squashed the revolt, but it impacted his regime as he went on to rule with an iron fist.

For the weekend challenge, we’re asking you to write exactly 33 words about rebellion and/or revolt. Interpret it as you will, just keep it to 33 words.

This post is also part of the Jade Dragon series. Though I try to make these installments enjoyable as individual pieces, I highly recommend that you read the series from the beginning to really get what’s going on.

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