Perfect Pitch

My boy sings like an angle: all points and sharp edges, completely without subtlety. Each note is perfect, regardless of pitch, polish or purpose. No heavenly host could perform with such acute intensity.

This post was written in response to the Trifecta Writing Challenge weekend Trifextra prompt:

This weekend we’re asking you to write 33 words that will make us laugh or smile. ย Even a chuckle will do. ย We look forward to the communal spirit lifting.

The editors later posted: “Our prompt this weekend was either really timely or else really poorly timed. Laughter still needed, if anyone has any to spare.”

I couldn’t manage humor this weekend, but I hope the wordplay elicits a little smile. If you need a little extra boost, here’s the video from the concert that inspired my response. Mine is the loud one.

11 thoughts on “Perfect Pitch

  1. trifectawriting says:

    This is so good. My daughter and your son could be very happy together. She is so damn loud. And tone deaf. And cute. Like yours, it sounds!!


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