I am not driven. I do not burn. I put my faith in serendipity, and she never disappoints. A cool breeze drew me to these heights where you wait, flint to my steel.

This post was made in response to the Trifecta Writing Challenge weekend Trifextra prompt:

For this weekend’s prompt we’re asking for exactly 33 words inspired by this picture.


In other news, a big, big thank-you to Kim of Let Me Start By Saying for the kind words she wrote about me (and others) on her blog and on Twitter. If you came here via her link or tweet, let me know so I can add up how many hugs I owe her. If you didn’t, go check out her blog and follow @LetMeStart – you won’t regret it. Incidentally, I suddenly have more Twitter followers than I know what to do with, which means I’d better start tweeting (and posting) more.

44 thoughts on “Spark

  1. Kir Piccini says:

    it’s just beautiful, it seems that that is how life and love work withing our lives, we are not driven, we do not burn, until we do and then we are just waiting for someone/something to set us on fire.

    what a beautiful 33 words.


    • Christine says:

      Well, it has made my week. I have been consciously trying to do nice things for people, online and off, inspired by your post. I think sometimes we need a little dose of sunshine to remind us that we can do more than just hold the umbrella, know what I mean?


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