1974 –

They told us not to go. Nobody listened. Passports in hand we stepped through. The world slid by, a nauseating colored ribbon. We returned, irrevocably marked with the stamp of our own mortality.

This post was made in response to the Trifecta Writing Challenge weekend Trifextra prompt, in which the editors asked us for a 33-word time travel story.

I just realized we were supposed to title this with the year/date. The thing is, it’s different for everyone who takes my trip! I originally called this “Vertigo,” and don’t want to change the link on the Trifecta page. New title is underlined above.

12 responses to “Vertigo

  1. At least now they know they’ll survive everything else before then.


  2. We are gonna need passports? wonder how/who will do the stamping ? i am enjoying imagining the whole scene…..mortality..hmm


  3. Passports??? Which picture would be appropriate? Scary!


  4. “irrevocably marked with the stamp of our own mortality.” Nice line!


  5. Nice idea and imagery here. Love the world as a coloured ribbon. Thanks for linking up!


  6. This is ominous and vivid writing. I’ll pass on the next trip.


  7. Sometimes is better to listen to whoever “They” is!


  8. BAM!
    That is time travel if ever there was one.
    Life as a nauseated colored ribbon is brilliant, Tara!


  9. Argh! Sorry, Christine… (Had Tara on the brain as she is right next to you!)


  10. Wow! You nailed the 70s!
    The 1970s must have a fantastic travel agent to convince people to go there.


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