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I didn’t want to let go, but I did.

I have never been brave. I had already used up my small store of courage, exchanged it for a one-way ticket to Oas on the Dragon. I felt the weight of the Captain’s distrust like a stone around my neck.

The violence, the mystery, the promise of more – these things conspired with the familiar warmth of Jonath’s hand against my back, and I let go. Jonath sensed it. He tightened his hold on me. I would go as far as he wanted. If I could, I would set him free.

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100 word song badgeThis post was written for the 100 Word Song challenge over at Lance’s blog. He gives a song to inspire you, and you write a response in exactly 100 words. He was kind enough to let me provide this week’s song, and I chose “Deep as You Go” by October Project. To my surprise, it led me to a new Jade Dragon post.


6 thoughts on “Release

    • Christine says:

      My pleasure! I was tickled that Lance asked me to do it. I adore October Project – Mary Fahl’s voice just cuts right through to the bone, in my opinion. Too bad she doesn’t sing with them anymore…


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