The Only Way Out

Cliffs before, baying hounds behind.

My back to the rock, I drew my gun.

“Climb. I’ll cover you.”

“Oh, love,” she said with regret. “I always have a way out.” She stepped over the edge. A bright sailwing bloomed, carrying her away.

24 responses to “The Only Way Out

  1. Great imagery!


  2. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    Ooh, I love the picture you paint with so few words. Super ending image.


  3. Aw, that poor bastard. I won’t lie, I’m seeing Nathan Fillion’s SadFace here.


  4. Had to google ‘Sailwing’ before the lol took full effect 🙂


  5. Hahaha – this is great!


  6. I had to look up sailwing, too! I’m glad paul said it first. tee hee
    I love where you went with this!


  7. Shailaja /Doting Mom

    Yowser! That was a cold one 🙂 Yes, I had to look up sailwing too! What a beautiful word!


  8. I love the image in the end–that would make a fantastic scene in a movie. It made me think of how there must be 50 ways to leave your lover.


  9. KymmInBarcelona

    BAM! Nothing under my sleeve, nothing under my hat, nothing… oh, wait.
    Fantastic piece, Christine. I’ve missed you < 3


  10. shaken…
    not stirred. Excellent post.


  11. Haha this made me think of Butch Cassidy & Sundance, what an ending.


  12. You made every word count. Enjoyed this very much.


  13. Women do tend to prepare for these sorts of adventures. Enjoyed reading this!


  14. A smart woman and cunning too ;-)Hope he managed to save himself 😛 Loved this Christine-made me chuckle 😀


  15. for some reason this reminds me of the tragic endings of chinese movies like “house of flying daggers.” ugh… it kills me!

    meaning your gargleblaster entry was pretty epic. as always!


  16. Mental note: Next time I’m cornered into working overtime, pack a sailwing! So entertaining, Christine!


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  18. Wonderful I’m left in shock, wondering how her lover feels at being abandoned!


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