24 thoughts on “Blooding

  1. Meg says:

    This is so full of anticipation in 42 understated but action-packed words. And you do it with showing, not telling. Perfection!


  2. Marcy says:

    Wow, you left me wanting more–what a clever way to get us over to the Speakeasy 😉 I thought she had to murder someone as an initiation. Shutting the door made me think of The Godfather.


  3. Michael says:

    I bet she knifes Grace. And then throttles the rest of them with her Combs of Death. But I see your comment about the conclusion coming in your speakeasy piece, so I shall wait to find out. 🙂


    • Christine says:

      Oh, jeez, not effortless at all! I actually panicked when I realized that by the time I woke up, there were already 29 entries on the grid. I’d been mulling this one over for hours – I’m just glad I had time to scribble it down.


  4. fatgirlinboxinggloves says:

    Sometimes I wish I had a sheen of poison on my knife – especially when it comes to revisiting the past. 😉

    I loved the act of adjusting the combs. It’s such a simple human thing, and so easy to envision. It made the narrator come to life for me.


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