29 thoughts on “Adagio Unstrung

  1. QueenOfTheDessert says:

    So, when I first read this I was at a loss for words. I could not find an adequate combination of words to convey how this touched me so deeply, so I went away for a while. Now, I’m back. I read it again and I’m still… The first time I heard the Barber I felt this way too. And every time since. There are no words… I mean maybe lovely or haunting, but no they are just not enough.


    • Christine says:

      It’s one of mine too. I actually started with the idea of how everything seems to hum on a B-flat, and then remembered the Barber. It all coalesced around that. 🙂


      • Blake says:

        You know how you see those questions asking “describe your writing process?” Well, I think in general “a day and a half of wrangling” sums it up pretty nicely 🙂


        • Christine says:

          Ha! It’s true, though. People think microfiction should be easy because it’s short. I find that I put much more time, word for word, into tiny pieces than long ones. “Wrangling” is the best way I can think of to describe it. 🙂


  2. Marcy says:

    I love the poignancy of this, that she has to hear the B-flat all around her. I learned something new too, and I like the seemingly effortless blending of science and emotion. I also ended up playing the Barber piece while I re-read, only adding to its sadness.


  3. Melanie L. says:

    I love that I had to google some stuff because I’m not a classical music person. I’m pretty clueless. I learn something new everyday! I really love this post. I feel drawn into the emotion of a longing sadness after a break-up. I also love the comparison of the deep void one might feel after a break-up with the vastness of the mostly empty universe that also carries the same tune.


  4. Jennifer G. Knoblock says:

    I love this–one of my first thoughts with the prompt was “tuning fork.” 🙂 The Barber sets us up for the melancholy…the more I read through this and appreciate the crafting, the more brilliant it becomes.


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