24 thoughts on “Thieves

  1. inNateJames says:

    I appreciate the consonance you brought to this piece: long/lingering, plate/pretend and the assonance in implicit/inevitable. The detail of him pretending not to notice the thievery tells so much about their relationship. And the ending hints to so much that will come.


    • Christine says:

      Nate, I’m doing an actual little happy dance here at my desk, because you so obviously got what I was trying to do, both with the words I used and what I left out. Which means, I hope, that it worked. šŸ™‚


  2. tnkerr says:

    I’m not going to mention the tension, or the plans but I will say that you can always ask the waiter for more olives.
    This was really good Christine. You have outdone yourself


  3. KymmInBarcelona says:

    You get a hundred-year pardon for stealing from a thief in Spain : ) Don’t know what you get for doing what long, lingering plans call for… hehe. < 3


  4. Jennifer G. Knoblock says:

    Very nice combination of abstract and concrete, the implicit question and oh, yes, olives. Love the ending, “…long, lingering plans for later.”


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