17 thoughts on “Learning to Swim

  1. Sarah Ann says:

    I could see the child too busy having fun to listen. As Kymm said, ‘fist closing on air, I am engulfed’ – there is so much to see and feel in those few words.


  2. Meg says:

    Beautiful, Christine. I am always diving in the deep pool without thinking about whether I am actually capable of doing so. Over confidence can be dangerous! Love this.


  3. Silverleaf says:

    I love the way you suggest depth and layers of meaning with subtlety, leaving it up to the reader to determine how exactly to apply your words to their own life. I’ve read this several times now because I liked it so much!


  4. Kir Piccini says:

    Sink or swim, there’s only one way to learn.
    I often relate to your words and stories in the deepest part of me, I don’t know whether to smile or tear up.


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