They crowd our shared space: your unvoiced concern, my silent struggle.

Yesterday you skirted the edges of your unease. My words skittered like mice across the floor and gave us room to breathe. Come morning, the dust will settle back into place.

10 responses to “Fixtures

  1. I like the allusion to the mice here, as elephants are afraid of them. Here’s to uncovering the elephants in our rooms:)


  2. Very interesting… Like Angie says allusion to the mice was a brilliant stroke
    Random Thoughts Naba – Healing Together


  3. I had the same theme, but I loved that our takes on it were so different. Really awesome piece, as always.


  4. You. This. So so good! I look forward every week to the poetry of your words. This is lovely.


  5. I also thought this was a lovely piece of writing.
    Loved the idea of words skittering across the floor like mice.


  6. skirted and skittered and mice. In awe.


  7. The mouse thing is perfect! I wish I could gargle as beautifully as you do!


  8. Great job. I’m so glad I read the comment, because although I was struck by the phrase, I hadn’t thought of the mouse/elephant connection.


  9. I love the descriptives! mice, dust settling. Love your pieces. 🙂


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