When I need to break your hold,
Loose my grip; when I need to hold my fire–
All I can do is drive.

In the city you drive
Me to distraction; you hold
Me accountable for every fire.

Out here, the sting of salt-smoke–the fire
In my chest–dominates my drive.
I breathe it in, as much as I can hold.

Don’t hold back. Fire up the engine. Slip into gear, one hand on the wheel. Just drive.


It’s a yeah write poetry slam! Some of our editors and friends are on a tritina kick lately – in fact, some of us (*ahem*) have admitted that we may have a problem. Want to give one a try? Give us a shout at the coffeehouse and we’ll give you three words. In the meantime, check out the other tritinas this week!

16 thoughts on “Mojave

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  2. Splendid Empress says:

    I agree with Stacie – you have a wonderful gift, Christine, your poetry always sings! As I said in another comment – it inspires me to give a tritina a try! (But I couldn’t find the thread in the coffeehouse…..)


    • Christine says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Empress! I’m relearning to love poetry lately.

      We haven’t started a thread yet! I’ll do that ASAP. Or you can go ahead and start one yourself! 🙂


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