May Day

I will make you a necklace of birdsong, sweet notes strung like pearls for your throat. I will convince the clouds to hold their breath, to bide awhile. Let the trees wait to break their fast while we barter flowers for kisses.

12 responses to “May Day

  1. Ah, thanks. This was a pleasure to read!


  2. Love stops the rain!


  3. “barter flowers for kisses,” lovely throughout!


  4. “Sweet notes strung like pearls” Simply gorgeous!


  5. Ooohh I especially love the necklace – from beginning to end : ) So sweet.


  6. Now this definitely answers the question and is stunningly beautiful, too. I love the trees breaking their fast, the pearls, the bartered flowers and kisses. Ok, I love it all!


  7. Sooo lovely and poetic. Thank you for writing about my birthday, tee hee!(may 1st)


  8. I love the word barter, it seems like such a sweet way to a win/win.


  9. A “necklace of birdsong” — oh yes please! This sang to my romantic heart.


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