I shed these boots with my pretenses. Kick them into the corner behind the bedroom door. Peel back all my layers. I stand here, exposed, laid bare, in my stocking feet and wait for you to say, “I thought you were taller.”

13 responses to “Stripped

  1. So good. I’ve used a couple of your same phrases, “stocking feet,” and “…taller” in my own micro story. Dang, if your boots are shinier than mine, but I hold no pretenses either. lol


  2. Loved it! That last line made me laugh, my partner said the same thing to me on our third date when I didn’t wear my platform shoes 😉


  3. Aw, I thought it was kind of sad that she was waiting for the comment about her height, like she was like “Here I am! Go ahead and make your comment! But then love me! Accept me!” But maybe I’m just crazy.

    Also, I’ve never done the Gargleblaster before – so it’s ok to post it today and just link to it when the grid opens for it Wednesday? I notice that is not the case with the non-fiction grid, as you can’t post anything you wrote before sunday..


    • Hi Cheney! No, you got pretty close to what I’d intended. 🙂

      You can post your gargleblaster today and link it when the grid opens on Wednesday. Technically, you can do the same with any of our grids – the rules say your post be *written* no earlier than the Sunday before the grid opens. So for the nonfiction grid, that’s Monday, fiction/poetry is Tuesday, and gargleblaster is Wednesday.

      So glad you’re thinking of jumping into the gargleblaster! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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  4. Hi, you’ve inspired me to do the gargle blaster too! Also my first time. I thought that today was Wednesday and was confused as to why I couldn’t find the link lol. Hopefully, I’ll remember to link up tomorrow as well!


  5. ‘I thought you were’ – anything that begins with that makes me wanna run and hide.
    I like the way you strip, lady!


  6. That’s the “height” of challenge 🙂
    Nicely expressed!


  7. The vulnerability! I hope she is held, not belittled. Beautiful words and emotions as always.


  8. 😦 This made me sad for her that all she got after all she bared was that comment. You lead me down the oath then twisted it at the end!


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