They didn’t know that girls like you are trouble for girls like me. Your perfect nails, your laugh in the dark. They didn’t expect your vulnerability to be the thing to break me. I didn’t expect to be the one to break.

14 responses to “Trouble

  1. Beautifully answered….hit a raw nerve there.


  2. Gah, it’s a self-contained tale but it’s also a tantalizing snippet that really makes me want to know what came before and what comes after.


  3. KymmInBarcelona

    Love that what breaks her is vulnerability.


  4. “Your laugh in the dark.” Such a good line. I love your writing, Christine~


  5. So we were both broken this week 🙂
    As always, I love the way you craft your words into something exquisite and full of emotion.


  6. It comes alive in those little details. Nice.


  7. There is so much we don’t know about each other, and this encapsulates that reality perfectly. Masterful, Christine.


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