Of the essence

She walked in precisely at eight. I felt the whirring of gears, heard the chime of a bell. For an hour now I have been trying to puzzle out what makes her tick. I need more time to read her shuttered face.

9 responses to “Of the essence

  1. Sounds like terminal infatuation to me! 🙂 Nice write.


  2. Love seems to have shuttered ‘his’ eyes. Christine, you did it again!


  3. I love the story in this, Christine. It’s a complete scene – I picture a busy bar with one person studying the other – even though there’s no explicit setting.


  4. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    I felt the whirring of gears, heard the chime of a bell.

    Beautiful way of showing the emotional response.


  5. Perhaps one of the most difficult mysteries to pry into and unravel – the individual.


  6. I can’t help weaving the book I’m reading (The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell) into your entry because they both compare people to clocks. He writes about souls recognizing each other despite housing different bodies. I feel like that’s what’s going on here: the narrator recognized something in the woman that walked in at 8 exactly.


  7. Hey, long time no speak/comment/read! Your words remain as precise as ever.


  8. That is nice little piece


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