Last night I glimpsed the curve of the Milky Way. It was in the arch of your lip, the arc of your back. For one instant I was weightless. Unmoored, I would have drifted away but for the anchor of your arms.

26 responses to “Apogee

  1. This is lovely. It flows beautifully. Good writing!


  2. “the curve of the Milky Way” is a breathtaking image.


  3. KymmInBarcelona

    Lovely write, and very sexy.


  4. A sweeping mini-saga.


  5. So poetic. So lyrical. I adore this!


  6. I’m charmed by the way this connects to the prompt. When the earth stops turning, there is no gravity. It’s lovely that there’s something logical behind the nomadic mood.


  7. So many layers here- movement, grace, beauty, cosmos, love, lovers. How, how do you do it in 42?


  8. It flowed so beautifully. I love how you brought in the cosmos to the physical realm.


  9. Christine, you paint these wonderfully exquisite, sensual, romantic pictures with such perfect care. Every word, from the title, to the drawing down from the universe into the personal is just so…perfect. And that idea of zero gravity, but for a lover’s arms! Just wow.


  10. You have such a gift, Christine.


  11. So sweetly and beautifully written! The details in what the speaker is saying are simply sexy. Well done!


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