Spare key

It may be ramshackle, but it’s mine. I paid what was owed. The floor creaks and the wind howls through a crack in the door. It’s never warm enough in here.

The key sticks. You’ll want to wiggle it in the lock.

12 responses to “Spare key

  1. I’m trying to decide who/what is more important to the narrator – the house or the person who now house the spare key.


  2. all said, it belongs to him … cold and broken and all … i like the little piece


  3. Love the leap with the spare key!


  4. That’s how you win a heart, you look past the imperfections, you insert the key and wiggle the lock (gently, careful not to break it) until it opens.


  5. We both talked about cold draughts getting in but you took this several steps further (as you always do so well). I love the nuanced deeper meaning; I could feel that fragility of the narrator as she asked for the person listening to be gentle, to take care with her. Your layers are always so beautiful!


  6. The last line made this piece. Getting to know anyone is about wiggling the key. I wonder who is coming?

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  7. Love the mix of self-respect and (perhaps some) vulnerability.

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  8. I love the character of this house and how the narrator loves it’s little flaws. You are so good at this!


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