There are no myrtle trees to walk among,
No respite when the heat is at its worst.
I place your name beneath my barren tongue –
a stone to slake this cruel, relentless thirst.

With eyes half-closed, I taste it, let it flood
my mouth with salt and honey; let it fill
me with desire. Like air, like wine, like blood,
I draw it out. I savor its sweet thrill.

I wonder – if I swallowed, if this stone
became a part of me, would I be whole?
Could I survive on just your name alone,
or would I roam this life with half a soul?

The more I reach, the further you recede.
A bitter draught: this stone, your name, my mead.

This sonnet brought to you by yeah write’s February poetry slam!

17 responses to “Communion

  1. A really beautiful poem ❤


  2. Christine the sonnet queen strikes again. Beautiful.


  3. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    See, this last line, this is why we love iambic pentameter. 🙂 And wow, the name as a stone and the religious overtones–lovely.


  4. You had me at myrtle. I love the way your lines flow into each other in the second stanza and the relaxed, effortless feel of “I wonder – .” And that last line! I could read a million more of these!


  5. As always, I am in awe. There is so much that works here that I can’t focus on just one aspect.


  6. you truly are an amazing writer.


  7. “Like air, like wine, like blood,” so gorgeous.


  8. Oh, you mixed it up with “me with desire”. Or no. You want me to put the accent on “with” and swallow up “me”. . . aha, I see why. I think you have the best ending line, Christine. Tied this up with a bow of angst.


  9. Good lord this is amazing! Did you do a victory lap around the room when you finally had it nailed??


    • *hahaha* Sort of. It took me days of hair-pulling, cursing, memorizing lines and just breathing it. I started with the name and the stone, and then had to wrestle it into some kind of shape from there. Thank you for the compliment!


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