I am not the type
to stand on ledges
contemplating heights

but the ocean’s sway
beguiles and soothes
– a siren’s lullabye

what if what I want
is not an anchor
but a diving bell

will you be the one
who holds me back
or will you let me go

9 thoughts on “Ledges

  1. Silverleaf says:

    Stunning. This leaves me with a beautiful, vivid image of rocks by a tempestuous sea. I love those last two stanzas, the realization of a craving for freedom and the hope that “you” will let “me” seek that freedom.


  2. Kir Piccini says:

    Oh how I love your words and how you play with them.
    My sons are busy rehearsing for “The Little Mermaid” these days and this reminded me of Ariel and her want to be of the sea and the land.



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