So close, so far

The moon
shines down, her face
inscribing a clear path
between the banks – a silver span
of light

There flows
a torrent of words between us
a river of falsehoods
and in the dark
no bridge

This mirror cinquain brought to you by the yeah write March poetry slam!

15 responses to “So close, so far

  1. Beautiful. The ‘She’ in question, your wife, girlfriend, daughter or fictional character?


  2. Love. ❤


  3. Thought the “she” referred to someone close to you. Beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing


  4. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    the killer ending. “no bridge” ❤


  5. Oh. It starts out so lovely, and then I’m left on the edge on a cliff without a bridge to cross.


  6. Yes, what Jenn and Nate said. That last stanza, working up to the final line, after all that beauty of the moon!


  7. I’m seriously jealous of you. That’s all.


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