Circle the wagons

They offered me shelter. The Rovers, I mean. Food. Safety in numbers.

I look at Martin and Josie. My responsibility. Martin’s shaking his head. Josie’s looking at the sky. What do I care about the Rovers’ revolution? I back the fuck away.

7 responses to “Circle the wagons

  1. Oooh. I want to know more! That last line is kick-a$$.


  2. I agree with Susan….this is a stellar start to a compelling story…it leaves the reader begging for more!


    • Thanks, CC! I’ve done longer pieces about these characters. Nothing major in the works, just kind of playing around. (Click the “dystopian” tag if you want to read more…)


  3. I like it when you return to these characters 🙂 You build internal and external conflict and play out a whole scene, with emotion, in 42 words. Garglequeen.


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