A summer’s day

comes so gently,
mist tucking us under
a polyphonic blanket of

shorten and creep
along the morning’s edge.
Stones bask, replete, under the sun’s

The breeze
in its languor
barely rustles the grass
grown tall and green against the red-
wreathed sky.

Stars like
silver needles
trace veins of fire across
the arch of heaven to flicker
and fade.

She is
the kiss of rain
a name whispered on wind
my fire at night, the pillar of
my days.

This mirror cinquain brought to you by the yeah write March poetry slam!

16 responses to “A summer’s day

  1. i love your images given by your word choice. awesome i love it


  2. Just the right words to fit your syllable counts. Magical. I love summer!


  3. I could not manage to create five cinquains that could stand alone and at the same time coalesce into a single piece like this. I loved the “polyphonic blanket of/birdsong.”


    • Thanks, Cyn! I started with a very deliberate intention to do one stanza per element and then use the last stanza as a kind of volta to tie them up at the end. That made it a little easier. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Christine, every single word of this is breathtaking! You transported me out of the deep freeze that seems to somehow have returned to our region, making me feel as though I was lying in the grass on a summer morning. That penultimate stanza is just stunning (“stars like silver needles trace veins of fire”: sigh), and the final one brought a huge smile to my face. So sweet.


  5. I assumed it was for your wife – which makes it far more romantic than if it was just a generic love poem 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. polyphonic blanket of birdsong, red-wreathed sky, the pillar of my days…that M is one lucky woman.


  7. So glad I stopped by, I’ve missed your words. Lovely, lovely words.


  8. you created a picture in my brain with these words that it makes me angry I cannot create it to see again whenever I want :
    Stars like
    silver needles
    trace veins of fire across
    the arch of heaven to flicker
    and fade.

    Just, damn, knockout punch.


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