Lord of wind-scarred warrens
walks the sunless tunnels,
Serves the hand of heaven
holding to his shoulder.

Under seas of sand-swells
still his eye turns skyward,
Deaf to prayers – a prophet
promising a kingdom.

This drottkvaett – written for the yeah write April poetry slam – might be the hardest thing I’ve ever written. Want to give it a try? Read yeah write’s page on the drottkvaett form, then peek into submission editor Rowan’s drottkvaett writing process for some tips.

6 thoughts on “Augury

  1. innatejames says:

    Even though he’s wandering, he still believes. I like that. You don’t have a character name in here so I don’t know POV in relation to the Jade Dragon tale. Did this inspire a new scene?


    • Christine says:

      Not exactly a new scene, just a perspective on the Prophet. He’s got people who follow him; I wrote this from a follower’s POV. (I was having trouble with the whole bragging/extolling virtues concept of the drottkvaett at first, until I thought of him.)


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