Blue plate special

He only cooks when he’s angry. Seared scallops. Chicken, breaded and pan-fried. Anything that sizzles, to drown out my excuses.

Tonight it’s steak, blackened, medium-rare. He serves it up in silence and I eat. Each mouthful tastes like ash. Each bite burns.

8 responses to “Blue plate special

  1. Even though your descriptions make my mouth water, (I seriously need to make dinner 🙂 ) I get that it is NOT a good thing if he is cooking. You totally get the sinister feeling in the air and I fear for her. The anger is palpable. He’s angry so he cooks, she’s upset so she eats but the tension sucks the flavor right out of everything. Love the mood you created here and the scene you set. Brilliant! ♥


  2. I wonder if she is tasting guilt. And why is he so angry.


  3. Oh, and I love it. 🙂


  4. Love the cooking analogy, since we often use food terms to describe feelings!


  5. Good feeling in this.


  6. Great job at evoking mood and emotion through your descriptions!


  7. ooh. i really like how you connections you made, sizzles/drowns, blackened/tastes like ash… brilliant.


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