When we were small you pushed my Radio Flyer down the hill. It landed in the brook, dented and wheels up. I dragged that broken thing around until it fell apart. Should have guessed then what you would do to my heart.

15 responses to “Careening

  1. Sigh.
    Such a beautiful way to describe the thrill and the let down of heartbreak.


  2. You nailed it. Heartbreak sucks.


  3. I love this. Boys. If you can’t trust them with your wagon…run in the opposite direction. ♥


  4. Another comment, I remember my kids riding in their wagon down the hill careening and tipping over at the bottom laughing their butts off. This reminded me of that. Once again, just love it! ♥


  5. Lovely tale of heart break


  6. shadowprancer

    Really like the last line. Hits you right in the chest!


  7. So perfect! I love the way that last line just rounds it all up and takes it deeper and further. It was a vivid, visual story on its own, but that heartbreak message makes it so much richer. Love your gargles 🙂


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