The steady thump-thump-thump of the watchdog’s tail chases me from my dreams. I never sleep unguarded on a full-moon night.

But there are dangers, and there are dangers.

“I was wondering when you would wake,” said the Lady who harrows my heart.

13 responses to “Watchdog

  1. I just felt a chill when I read that last line. *shiver* Nightmares in reality are far worse.


  2. This was a bit eerie and chilling waking from the nightmare to realize it isn’t a dream it is reality.


  3. I love the idea of never sleeping unguarded when we have our dogs with us. 🙂


  4. A chill and a shiver down my spine.


  5. I read this earlier, before you linked it to the story and changed some of that last line. It was fabulous then but it takes on so much more meaning with your changes. I especially love your use of “harrow” here.


  6. Ah, so the dog is smitten, too.


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