Negative Space

No desert is as sere
as empty space. Why do you weep?
This crossing is not free.

It never was; not free,
not without cost. You wander sere
and barren galaxies; I weep

and wonder, did they weep,
the stars, when spacetime set them free
to wander skies so sere?

Too sere, my heart. Love, weep no more: fly free.

This tritina brought to you by:

16 thoughts on “Negative Space

  1. droidpat says:

    “Why do you weep? This crossing is not free. It never was…” Too often we forget that the very best adventures in our lives cost something. The most enjoyed lives are those spent in adventures for which the cost is recovered as we enjoy the journey. This is a powerful reminder to me to keep enjoying the adventure, and accepting the costs as I pay them. It’s worth it! Thank you for sharing this.


    • Christine says:

      I love them almost as much as I love sonnets! Give one a try and bring it to yeah write! Nab: tritina a don’t need to be iambic like this; I just have a thing for iambs.


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