I do not fear the dark. I only fear
the spaces in between the points of light.
There is no course, no route from there to here
We have not tried: we travel them each night.

You trace your constellations on my back,
give me their names, as if it helps to know
where you will be, as if I can’t keep track:
You score them on my skin each time you go.

So I plant kisses, let them bloom all through
the hills I love to wander dusk to dawn.
I scatter prayers like seeds, like beads of dew
still knowing when I wake, you will be gone.

My garden cannot anchor you to earth;
My arms are but a temporary berth.

8 responses to “Eden

  1. Tracing constellations on a back sounds so intimate and wonderful I found myself blushing with the inclination.


  2. ^^the kiss-flowers blooming through the hills made me blush. Something about this reminded me of Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters. Have you read it?


  3. Gorgeous. All three images are clear and lovely.


  4. Natalie DeYoung

    I am in love with this sonnet. This is the kind of poem I would have copied into my journal in high school–and I only did that for the best. 😉


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