She said it again this morning; she tells me every day.

“I don’t know why you bother. Nothing will come of it.”

And every day I push back. Reach for one more minute, one more word. Someday I will shut her up.

18 responses to “Ego

  1. I relate to every syllable.

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  2. Or maybe she tells you that so you can prove her wrong again and again. As you do again and again.


  3. I have that voice in my head too, which is why I don’t write as much as used to. This is on point. Nice job!


  4. Don’t listen since you are so good. Silence her by your stunning pieces


  5. Kalpana solsi

    And one day she will have to keep mum.


  6. Keep pushing back my friend. I’ve read your words, heard them in person. She’s got nothin on you. #unicorn. xo


  7. I relate to this as well. I keep pushing back against the voice of uncertainty. Keep on pushing, Christine. I love that one day you will shut her up.


  8. That’s actually the superego, I think. If I’m remembering my Freud right.


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