Some stories come gently, drifting in and settling on the page.

Others stories fight the telling. Tooth and claw, they snarl and bite.

I wrestled a wolverine into a cage and left it on your doorstep. I dare you to open it.

12 responses to “Glutton

  1. Really liked this, very creative


  2. I love the concept here, and that last line (or taunt, I suppose I should rightly call it 😉 is a great ending.


  3. Wolverines are my special love. I liked the challenge in this one!


  4. AWWW, this just blew me away. I will gladly take your wolverine in, my dear 🙂


  5. WOW, your imagery and metaphors are spot on, or as my 15 year old would say…this is “on point”. Lately I have had several stories that I have wrestled, which have snarled and bit, and I have been left mentally and physically exhausted and spent after writing. Somewhere I crossed a line and faced my own pack of wolverines lately with my writing…and I am just simply almost ferocious in my need to tame them. Loved this and really can relate to it! ♥


  6. Yep. Some stories really are like that, fighting every step of the way. I like the angle you took with this. Very cool.


  7. I do know the feeling of stories that fight hard not to be told. Loved the imagery here. 🙂


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