I thought I had bundled myself against you, had sewn myself into this shroud and made myself untouchable. I thought you would not find a way back in.

It seems I left a button in your pocket, a knife, needle and thread.

6 responses to “Tailor

  1. Love this part: “sewn myself into this shroud.” Beautiful and poignant!


  2. such a powerful piece(: i really enjoyed it.
    thank you for sharing ❤


  3. It is so hard to protect ourselves from those who are determined to get under our “shroud”.


  4. I love how it’s the narrator’s fault. That they’re not blaming the “you.”


  5. I love the last line – the way it scans (can prose scan?) actually feels like someone poking through the shroud.


  6. I love that “left a button in your pocket” line. A lot said without saying it directly.


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