I traded minutes for kisses, hours for the slide of your skin against mine. I drew out every second, unwound them one by one: my fingers, your hair.

In that perfect moment when time no longer mattered, the lark began to sing.

12 responses to “Star-crossed

  1. This was so sensual and touching. Beautiful story!


  2. Love the linking of unwinding of seconds and fingers through hair


  3. beautiful. i just want to stay in this moment of bliss.


  4. I liked how time stopped, until it didn’t. Maybe it was the nightingale?


  5. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    A microstory aubade. 🙂 I love that image of unwinding seconds.


  6. Sigh… of course you did. Sigh. . .


  7. Ahh! Christine, there is so much here. I love it! Add in the title too, it adds so much to the story. Well done (as always)!!


  8. “unwound” love that word in this. It’s so tangled with all those n’s and stuck-together vowels.

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