They say wild horses roam all through the hills around here. I only see one: a red-brown mustang skirting the sagebrush. Behind me, my father’s motorcycle sputters back to life. We eye each other jealously, that horse and I: he on his side of the fence and I on mine.

Sticking with my favorite micro format for the fiction|poetry grid, but settled on 50 words instead of the old 42.  Inspired by this week’s prompt up.

5 responses to “Vagabonds

  1. Loved this! I don’t think I have ever seen a wild horse but I imagine it would be as fierce as a motocycle sounds. I’m still trying to write 35
    500word or more stories for this year, otherwise I would totally be doing 50word stories too. Hehe maybe for moonshine I will. ☺


  2. So much meaning beneath/beyond the last line. I’m really liking the “s” sounds in this, skirting/sagebrush/sputters.


  3. You always amaze with your work


  4. I like the backstory introduced by the motorcycle coming back to life.


  5. I love this, Christine! A motorcycle and a wild horse on either side of the fence, just brilliant!


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