The War was over, they said. You said, don’t slam the door. Don’t wake me if I’m dreaming. Don’t raise your voice.

Night after night I matched my breathing to your measured steps. Maybe this time you’d come back to bed.

The War is not over.

10 responses to “Peace

  1. Wow, Christine! I could feel the stress of the situation in this. It must be hard for spouses when their loved ones come back from war but aren’t the same.


  2. Christine! You managed to get so much in your 46 words. I imagine this would be true for many soldiers returning home.


  3. PTSD must be so hard on the soldiers as well as the caregivers. Sigh. And may I say I missed reading you? So much? ❤


  4. Donna-Louise Bishop

    I love how you used the prompt and twisted it at the end. Very emotive.


  5. Loved this. That is all.


  6. Oh my this is fav micro story so far. I love the way your story turns and ends with the war still on.


  7. Another facet–an intimate reminder of “the other side” of war. Fits so nicely with Rowan’s and Shailaja’s pieces, too.


  8. The bookends work well, as others have said. The “they” confused me at first. I got there, but maybe making the sentence that starts with “You” a new paragraph would have helped me.


  9. Nope. Obvs it was just me. #mynameisoutlier


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