It hits me sometimes, out of the blue,
that even the sky catches fire
sometimes, that even these hills
are not immune to change.
The skip of a stone,
a rippled pool;
the beauty
that is

This week’s submission brought to you by the yeah write poetry slam, where I learned all about nonets.

8 responses to “Thunderbolt

  1. What a great description of arresting but temporary beauty. I loved that the first and last lines rhymed – there was a great sense of balance in the subject matter and form.


  2. Gorgeous nonet! There is a lot of beauty in the world, in people. We should celebrate it more often.


  3. Lovely, from the blue to the sky, the stone and ripple, so much visual packed in. I like the rhyme as well; it lets us pause on the “that is” before resting on the “you.”


  4. This is simply beautiful! ***


  5. I love the way ‘blue’ and ‘you’ wrap around this visual nonet. Wonderful!


  6. All the images in this are beautiful, and the rhyme of “you” and “blue” ties the poem together in a way that feels reassuring against the changes you describe.


  7. “..even the sky catches fire.” – If I could just frame the imagery of that. Sometimes words can be so shockingly beautiful all over again no matter how long you play around with them.


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