To a rose

The day you gave a rose to me
the sun was bright, the sky was clear.
I kept that rose another year,
despite its sweet fragility.

The sun was pale, the sky was grey
when winter brought its weight to bear.
The frost could not be swayed to spare
The rose you gave to me that day.

A memoriam stanza – well, two stanzas, really.

5 responses to “To a rose

  1. The line, “when winter brought its weight to bear” gives a somber, sad quality to the poem. Beautiful.


  2. I knew it was coming but I hoped it wouldn’t. I love the contrast of the first with the last. Made the sweetness of the rose all the more defined. 😍


  3. Um, this is perfect. I keep rereading it. The contrasts and that internal rhyme in the second stanza, it’s just gorgeous.


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