Some stories are not meant to be long. A few words scribbled on a napkin. A name. A number.

Some stories are written in the dark, read under neon lights. A few strokes of the pen.

Some stories end before they begin.

8 responses to “Anthology

  1. I love how you say so much in so few words! This was beautiful, Christine 🙂


  2. And oh, the title! So fitting!


  3. The last line…oh so true on so many levels


  4. So much in 42 words! The neon lights visual is perfect for this piece.


  5. I like that stories and relationships can be interchanged in this narration. Also like the simple, matter-of-fact tone.


  6. This. This is just perfect. How do you capture so much in just 42 words?!


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