Don’t think twice

I promised to let you leave gracefully. You promised not to look back.

One of us lied.

Your footsteps kicked up dust in the yard. I followed you out, my fingers catching at your sleeve.

I will leave the door open for you. I will leave the porch light on.

17 thoughts on “Don’t think twice

  1. Kalpana solsi says:

    Leaving the door open and porch light on indicates her/his open willingness to continue the relationship. Even though no gender is mentioned , I perceived the lady tugging her man’s sleeve imploring to return.


  2. Laura says:

    Oh, so much heartbreak here. “One of us lied” is so sad and wry and gut-wrenching. And I love those last two sentences.


  3. anusrini20 says:

    I have missed Yeah Write. There’s so much to learn just from reading all the writing on the grids.
    I loved this one for how it conveys the contrasting emotions.


  4. Tony Lovell says:

    That line in the middle–“one of us lied”–like everyone else commented on, is so impactful and wonderful! As I read it, I immediately got the sense that he lied, and he knows this, but he’s hoping that she lied, as well. The last two lines are full of hope and sadness, and part of me kind of hopes the main character will get what he wants.


  5. Venice says:

    That tiny detail of ‘my fingers catching at your sleeve’ is a great touch to your heartbreaking narrative. And the last line of hope beautifully rounds up this piece. Nice one Christine!


  6. Laissez Faire says:

    My favorite: “One of us lied.” What a wonderful hammer.
    I also liked how you left the genders (might be a woman leaving) up to interpretation. It could be anyone, anywhere, any age.


  7. Shailaja V says:

    I was waiting so eagerly to read your piece. As usual, you didn’t disappoint!

    So much I loved in this.
    That catching of the sleeve: Despair
    Footsteps kicking up dust: His hurry to leave
    Pathos in the last two lines that signify that he has left but she hasn’t given up hope. Oh my! Sigh.


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