I don’t know how to parent through this.
Like, there is still homework.
And dinner.

7 responses to “Grief

  1. This is so simple, but says so much.

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  2. I didn’t expect to read a micro micostory when I clicked on it! Surprised (in a good way).

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  3. How beautiful! Brevity conveys more than a 100 words could…. Very very well done.

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  4. I feel you on this – I can almost hear your sigh because I’m there. Every single day I’m there.

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  5. You just keep going. That’s all. I love you and I’m here for you.

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  6. Giant anime eye hugs to you. The brevity of the post says it all.


  7. So few words and so much meaning. This really moved me. Sending lots of love your way. Writing is so cathartic and it is important to acknowledge grief in this way. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about grief in case you have time to look? Wishing you a relaxing weekend, Sam 🙂


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