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Pride goeth

Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that causes a crash. In this case, it was a bug. It hit me in the eye, I braked – hard – with one hand, and flew ass-over-teakettle into the street.

“I’m fine,” I told the man who helped me up. My knee was scraped raw, my helmet cracked. I could feel my elbow swelling as I heaved the bike back up. (Later, I would need an MRI.)

“I’m fine,” I said when I wheeled into work, because of course I went to work. A crash doesn’t mean I can slow down. I have to be fine.

7 thoughts on “Pride goeth

  1. erin5cents says:

    You definitely caught my attention with the bug. Great writing, but such an unfortunate reality to have dealt with! Ick! I’m always a big fan of the teen ass-over-teakettle too.


  2. MichelleH says:

    I know the feeling well – fall, embarrassment, the brush-off, and then later the aches and pains set in. I like how you told us so much in such a compact space, and about more than just the fall itself.

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