Seven hours ago I walked with you in the moonlight. We dallied until only a handful of stars were left: the last vestiges of night. Now the sky is pink and waiting; morning holds its breath.

Seven hours is not enough to make up for all the lost years.

7 responses to “Rendezvous

  1. I am a fool for love stories. This one held all the promise of a new chance. ❤


  2. I loved this. I want to know more. Why all the years were lost, what the back story is, and so on. I’m also a sucker for love stories. 🙂

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  3. Ah! So much beauty here.

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  4. ‘Morning holds it breath’ is so beautiful.Lovers separating and meeting always grips my heart.

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  5. *sigh* Just what I needed this afternoon. I love the idea of two people coming back together and taking their time.

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  6. I really like “morning holds its breath” because we also don’t know what’s going to happen with these lovers. My reading was that they have to part again.

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