Last Dance

I bought the place sight unseen: two bedrooms, one bath, no neighbors. I bought it for the quiet–a place to be alone.

First it was the radio: an old Glenn Miller tune.

Then it was footsteps overhead, a rhythmic step and slide.

I crept upstairs. A shadow crossed the sliver of light underneath the bedroom door.

But when I opened it, nothing was there.

5 responses to “Last Dance

  1. Wrong. The memory of my mom was there.

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  2. You did a nice job setting the mood and creating tension. My favorite line “a shadow crossed the sliver of light”

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  3. The tune on the radio makes this even spookier!

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  4. I loved the detail you put into your descriptions, especially the image of a step and slide, like he walked with a limp. Suitably creepy!

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