Photo: tangled arch of pink wild roses with a glimpse of the sky

My fair one

Under a tangled arch
of willow, ivy, and rose,
she presses me back,
back, against the rich loam, back,
her fingers sly, her smile arch,
her lips tipped with rose.
Ever since the moon rose
she has loved me well: my back
is a bow, a lover’s arch.

I arch my neck, cursing the rose-tinged dawn that calls her back.

A tritina for this month’s Poetry Slam retrospective and YeahWrite’s 400th consecutive week!

11 thoughts on “My fair one

  1. innatejames says:

    “My back is a bow”…yes, all that pent-up energy when newly in love. That’s a perfect phrase. And the internal rhyme was just enough: “lip tipped.”I think “presses” should be “pressed,” unless there’s a reason for the verb tense switch that I’m not getting. The “is” in the last line makes sense, though. The verb “rose” kinda forces the beginning to be flashback.


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