News: Itty Bitty Writing Space

So I’m super excited to be part of a little anthology coming out in June called Itty Bitty Writing Space: An Anthology of Flash Fiction. It contains 100+ flash fiction pieces in every genre, and is being funded by Kickstarter. So far, the Kickstarter project has been funded at three times the original (modest) funding goal, and that’s pretty cool.

Even better, until midnight tonight (Pacific) for each pledge over $25 the editor, Jason Brick, will be donating a copy of the book to the library of your choice–over 200 libraries so far! That’s a win-win, in my opinion: a book for you and a book for your local library. But wait, there’s more! Since this collection ranges from PG-13 to R, if your preferred library is a school library, you can choose to have local publisher Not a Pipe Publishing donate an age-appropriate book instead.

I invite you to check out the Kickstarter and consider picking up a copy of the book. It includes short works of fiction from me, author and YeahWrite editor Nathan James, authors Kate Ristau, Russel Nohelty, and Debby Dodds, and many, many more!


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